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Warning From Geoground

Warning From Geoground


After receiving complaints from a few customers about videos posted on social media including negative contents about our devices, It is necessary to explain that some people in Israel who had previously blackmailed the company financially attempted to defame our products, by publishing videos containing misleading and malicious information about the product without providing any real evidence, with the intention of blackmailing the company financially.





In these videos, the product was displayed without showing any invoice indicating that it was purchased from one of our official distributors, or showing the serial number to verify the authenticity of the device.


We note that we do not have any current or former distributor in Israel, and the claim of these people that they were our distributors is completely false.


We also inform our customers that we have been and continue to be keen to provide them with all services and that we have taken all legal measures to combat these bad behaviors.


We kindly ask all customers who wish to place orders and make purchases to refer exclusively to our official and authorized distributors listed on our website.