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Company History

  • Establishing

    The company was established in its permanent headquarters in Hamburg Germany by a group of experts


  • First Release

    The first technology in the field of metal detection was launched and tested in experimental fields and this technology adopted several international standards in the search for underground metals


  • Molding Department

    The molds are built and cast according to the latest capabilities to ensure the quality in the issuance of the component parts of the devices and according to German industry standards


  • New Technologies

    New technology has been invented and added to various versions of devices and all categories and for all research purposes
    This technology has been developed over the years of research and experience to ensure the optimal performance of our devices and the techniques of research system ion is the revolution in the world of gold and metal detectors and to give more accurate results and broader areas of research


  • COBRA L-R-L Series

    The series of Cobra detectors were launched after being approved by the German industry and invention department and conforming to quality standards and published in all countries of the world through a network of authorized and trusted distributors.


  • New Subsidiaries

    Geo Ground has established subsidiaries in several regions around the world such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia to ensure that it reaches the largest number of customers and provide technical support and training services directly from our experts to our customers.


  • Start working on new technologies

    Our experts and engineers began to develop new technologies in line with the development of international technology in the field of gold and metal detectors
    In addition to conducting studies to add new products to detect underground spaces and the detection of groundwater


  • COBRA GX Series

    We launched the Cobra GX series detectors after many researches and experiments